What is WallTalks?

WallTalks is a FREE online platform established to sell and buy all kinds of original art, whether two-dimension or three-dimensional.

Can any person exhibit art on WallTalks?

Yes, anyone who signs up and has art to sell can become a WallTalks user. Dealers, collectors, and artists can all register as “art sellers” on the WallTalks website.

Do I have to pay a fee or commission to buy or sell art on WallTalks?

No, WallTalks does not take commission or participation fees from any of its users, either buyers or sellers.

How do I buy art?

Simply sign up on the website as an “art buyer” and use your account to communicate directly with the sellers of your choice.

What if I originally signed up as a buyer and would now like to sell art?

Simply upgrade your account to a seller account on the website.

How will I receive the artwork?

You get directly in contact with the seller and mutually agree on the conditions for shipment and/or delivery.

How do I pay?

You get directly in contact with the seller and mutually agree on the conditions for payment.

How can I get in contact with the seller?

The WallTalks website offers a chat feature that allows “art buyers” to communicate directly with “art sellers” via email, phone, or instant message.

How can I be sure that the artwork arrives safely at my place?

You should find an “art seller” with whom you feel comfortable, then work together to agree upon the terms of payment, shipment, and/or delivery. To protect yourself, consider drafting a formal written agreement between yourself and the dealer, collector, or artist from whom you are buying.

Can I see the art before buying it?

The “art seller” can discuss this with you; simply send a message to him or her directly using the online chat function.